Arctic magic

Arctic Magic is a slot machine from Microgaming that also produces other casino games such as Caribbean Jackpot and Video Poker. The random number generator used in this slot machine is the device called the “Bank”, which was designed by Steve Jankowski. It was later modified by his son Alex Jankowski to add more random numbers to the machine.

This slot machine is based on the popular ice-age theme and it makes use of 3 symbols for each column. The normal slot has only nine fixed payout lines. But the payout is very encouraging, since it could go up to as high as 3,000xs. for the highest-valued feature, the wild symbol combination.

In this slot machine, you can find various items that come in sets of three, five, seven or ten. You can also find one free spin symbols for each of the nine fixed paylines. The free spins feature of this machine can give you an extra chance to hit a winning combination. The machine also has special features that do not affect the amount you win. There are no icons displayed in the machine to indicate whether you have won or not. This means that even if you miss your first try, there will still be many chances to hit a winning combination.