Dragon drop

The dragon drop is certainly one of my favourite casino game slot machines, and I’ve played it since the inception of the slot machine game on the Atlantic coast (in London). Dragon Drop might well be set in a medieval motif, but it’s still an animated one, and all the graphical images are what you expect of a high-end Nextgen slot machine. The little dragons are particularly cute indeed, especially the small ones just hanging around and ready to drop down and start the bonus roll. It’s a little like an advert for a video game – if you get to watch it you can get all the enjoyment out of it.

If we were going to rank the dragon drops according to visual appeal, then the very first slot machine we should look at is the Dragon Drop, which is without a doubt the most gorgeous of all the slot games. As the animation progresses, the scenery becomes more detailed, so that it looks as though you have visited Middle Earth, or that you’re fighting off the undead with a group of magically empowered humans. The animation is clearly inspired by many other slot games, and even the background sounds come from other games such as Call of Duty. The dragon has several different forms, including a big red fire breathing from its mouth, to an ice blue snake.

It’s possible to purchase the special coins that are used to activate the different drop locations in the Dragon Drop, and there are a total of 21 coins in total, including the bonus coin that you get for winning the game. The location where the bonus coin will be located is actually in the middle of the screen, so you can see exactly where it is. In addition to the coins, you can also purchase special items that can increase your odds at winning when playing the dragon drop. So if you like to play slots, then you should definitely check out the Dragon Drop.