Neon links


Neon Links is a simple to play slot machine that can be found in many casinos. The actual design for this particular machine is very simplistic, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular with players of all ages. From the actual game design, you’ll see that Neon Links simply has enough twists and challenges to keep you busy for several hours. In fact, the game play itself is so lengthy that the 10-payline playing field is almost surrounded by various billboards and other miscellaneous structures.

The actual slot machine game itself is nothing more than an interactive Flash interface that allows the player to use a hand held device to flip slots or pull carts through the gaming area. As you flip coins or place stops, you are navigating the virtual platform to match colors and choose between different paylines. You do this by tapping on the corresponding square on your display screen. When you make a choice, a dollar bill flashes on your screen and you then use the provided push button to release it. By making a quick calculation, you’ll quickly see that Neon Links offers more entertainment value in less time.

Another neat little aspect of the Neon Links game is the in-game store, where you can pay to unlock additional jackpots. As you make progress through the gaming area, you’ll eventually gain access to a special symbol that allows you to purchase more spins. The store also includes a free trail feature where you play the same game for free and test our various settings and layouts. This is a great feature that helps to draw new gamers into the fold, especially those that are still learning how to play.