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Neon links

  Neon Links is a simple to play slot machine that can be found in many casinos. The actual design for this particular machine is very simplistic, which is one...

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Wild hot chilli reels

  Wild Hot Chilli Reels is actually quite easy to learn how to play the Wild Hot Chilli Reels game from the casino's technical guide found right on the front...

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Joe exotic

  There's one thing about movies, television shows and the casino game that all three of these have in common; they all have a number of slot machines that have...

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Primate king

The new version of the popular casino game slot is now available on computer and gaming systems and called the Primate King. The slot is the same as the original...

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What the fox megaways

What The Fox Megaways isn't all about the unlikely success song though but about getting so much f*ckin' cash you could literally live the life you've always dreamed of, well,...

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Riddle of the sphinx

  If you ever want to watch how a 5x4 black-colored grid actually looks in real-time, you just need to press the golden mark with two purple cursors. This is...

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