Reptizillions power reels


Reptizillions Power Reels is the latest casino game coming from the two veteran designers of the hit video game series. This time, the game comes in a complete-game package which includes the ‘Reptizillion’ expansion pack and two decks of custom plastic playing cards, four magnetic dice, two dice bags, two skill dice and a carrying case. The rule book of Reptizillions Power Reels is basically the same as the first two versions of the game, with the addition of a couple new ones. All that remains after the game has been played are the final two rounds of betting and the final result is the ‘winner’ of the game.

The expansion pack features a total of sixty-four cards, including eight custom plastic playing cards, eight magnetic dice, two dice bags, and two skill die. The first two decks of cards feature an all-osaurus theme, while the second deck has a modern theme. In addition, the second deck also features a dinosaur theme, featuring two different species of dinosaurs like T-Rex and Pterodactyl. The second deck of cards has a special bonus round, called the ‘Temptations’, where players have to eat chocolate.

The free spins round of Reptizillions Power Reels is similar to the free spins round of Virtual Villains. The leftmost symbol in the grid is ‘E’, and you will need to aim at this symbol using the left mouse button. When it hits the right mouse button, the leftmost symbol in the grid will become an ‘M’ and so on. The rightmost symbol in the grid will become an ‘L’. The mouse wheel will move over one space at a time, and you can click on any space in either the left or right of a circle to move to the next circle.