Riddle of the sphinx


If you ever want to watch how a 5×4 black-colored grid actually looks in real-time, you just need to press the golden mark with two purple cursors. This is actually one of the easiest ways to trigger the Riddle Of The Sphinx’s spin function. Of course, this particular spin can be easily triggered between ten and fifty spins, depending on your settings.

In this particular slot machine game, the symbols of the riddle have not only their own functions, but they also appear when the game is completely re-activated. For those who have encountered a very easy version of this classic game, then you will definitely appreciate the fact that this is not the only way to get all the hidden powers of this ancient egyptological artifact. If you are able to solve all the puzzles without activating all its powers, then it means that there is another way of accessing its powers – you just have to know where to look. And believe it or not, these riddles were actually based on a real-life Egyptian puzzle that needed to be solved in order for the pharaohs to sail to the Red Sea.

If you are one of those people who find it too hard to deal with the action-packed and strategic thinking of the typical slots games, then this is definitely the right game for you. Playing Riddle Of The Sphinx will surely make you lose your mind especially if you have never played it before. Just remember that this riddle is actually an ancient Egyptological symbol and if you are going to solve the riddle using its powers, then you might just uncover the buried secrets of this ancient civilization. Not all people will be able to solve this riddle because they will need to have certain skills and knowledge about the pyramids. However, it doesn’t matter because with the help of this online game, you can easily master the game and enjoy its benefits for years to come.