Full of winter beauty promises, this NextGen Snowflakes flashes game promises a steady flutter of big winnings thanks to it’s bonus feature. Set against a backdrop of snowbound city streets, this NextGen Snowflakes flashes game gives you 5 different reels of frantic action that really sounds more incredible than it actually is. Fluffy white flakes float across the screen and cast a warm and inviting glow over your gaming keyboard as you create combos and set up bet sizes. As soon as the reel spins, however, that snow melts and falls to the sides as a small number of energetic snowmen rush forward who engage in snowball fights. The snowball fights themselves are absolutely fantastic, adding an element of whimsy and excitement that isn’t often found in many video games.

The music for this game is a steady and mellow collection of wintery tones fit for a warm and cozy Christmas evening. With its realistic sounds, the animation is truly charming and the graphics show a sleekness and vibrancy that really bring home the point of the story. While the sound effects might not be everything everyone loves about games featuring snowflakes, there is no doubt that this is the best part of the game. Each character in the game has his or her own unique traits and attributes that shine through when they are shown on the screen, and the various animations to convey the characters’ moods accordingly. Snowflakes are colorful, fluffy, cute and fun, and they really do set a tone for this next gen slot machine that is sure to be a winner.

The graphics and sound are both top notch as far as this NextGen Snowflakes reel goes, and the icons displayed onscreen as well as the action are all animated and tasteful. Some of the icons are also double-sized so they are much easier to identify than the regular tiny boxes with numbers on them. For those who don’t like the icons, you can always switch out different icons to display different symbols, allowing you to easily tell what is happening onscreen. Just try not to play with any of these Snowflakes reels when you are under the influence of alcohol, because you might just have a bad day. It is probably best to play without the reels at least until your eyes can handle the animation.