What the fox megaways

What The Fox Megaways isn’t all about the unlikely success song though but about getting so much f*ckin’ cash you could literally live the life you’ve always dreamed of, well, at least if you play the casino game slot machine. Red Tiger has just shamelessly replicated their own popular download slot game, Piggy Riches MegaVans, but this time, it’s done entirely with an attitude and style that match the original theme quite well. In fact, what The Fox Megaways does better than any other casino game slot machine on the market is that it actually plays like an authentic slot machine, down to the flushing and reloading of the reels. That’s because you actually have to push a button rather than simply pull it. The result is that the reels keep starting and stopping and before long, you’ll be wondering if you actually landed a dandy claim. (It helps that the music is excellent as well).

What The Fox Megaways doesn’t do quite as well is that it doesn’t have any graphics at all and the action is really nothing more than the spinning of the reels. But don’t let that fool you; it is a slot machine that can also play other casino games, including card games. It might sound difficult to imagine, but the reels are equipped with icons that can be used for playing matching card combinations. In fact, the only thing that could limit your winning chances with this machine is if the cards are printed in the proper pattern. Once you’re through spinning the 6 reels, the screen will highlight the winning symbols, and then you just have to match up the symbols to the cards in the deck that you have in front of you.

The graphics and audio make what the Fox Megaways is most likely compared to a video slot machine, yet the similarity ends there. What makes the game truly different is that it isn’t just a glorified video slot game. It isn’t even a game for those who want to gamble away their hard-earned money. What The Fox Megaways instead offers is an online casino game that can give you just as much excitement as the real Las Vegas experience, but one that you can do from the comfort of your own home.