Xing guardian

Xing Guardian is a casino slot game that is based on the famous series of Dragon Poker movies and TV series. Like its movie’s version, Xing Guardian features a casino-style theme where the player takes the role of an animated character in this Slot game. The game is controlled by a stylized screen that also shows the winning symbols as dots on a grid. A player earns one point for each blank square on the screen and receives one point for each filled square.

Xing Guardian is Powered by NextGen Gaming and also has 5 reels and 1,000 different ways to win. This free online video slot game has a traditional Chinese theme as it is set in a mythical dragon world. It features 3 bonus features that are described below:

Bonus feature: The virtual reels are designed to look like lotus flowers. Winning with this bonus feature is not easy as all the non-win reels have a yellow lotus flower graphic on them. Winning with this style of bonus reels earns you a lotus flower. To access the other bonuses in this slot machine, you must complete the main game by getting all the coins and coin spot icons.